Saturday, September 24, 2011

First General Meeting

Hi dear TGIC members,
Hope everyone does well in study and have enjoyed life at SLU. Our dinner-out last Saturday was a great enjoyment. Thank you so much for coming! For whom couldn't make time for last dinner must be glad for our next coming great activity, that is our First General Meeting! The General Meeting is on Next Wednesday,09/28, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm in Baracha Hall Room116. Free Cookies and drinkswill be served! Here is the map for Baracha hall:     We are looking forward to meet you here! Have a great day!

The Global Initiatives Club Constitution

  This document shall be the sole governing document of The Global Initiatives Club of Saint Louis University.
The Global Initiatives Club


We, a student organization of Saint Louis University, feeling the need for an organization to foster understanding and better relationships among students from different countries, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution.

Article I. General Provisions

Sec. 1    Name: The Global Initiatives Club or TGIC

Sec. 2    Purpose:

The goals and objectives of this organization shall include, but not be limited to:

A.                To provide a social, cultural, and informative forum for the international students on campus

B.                 Expose American students to different background in order to prepare them as global citizens.

C.                 Facilitate the relationship among people from different nations.

D.                Make it easier for American and international students to come together, hang out and form lasting friendships. Thus to provide a cohesive environment between American and International students.

E.                 Help international students to make a smooth transition into Saint Louis University

F.                  To create a medium for interaction among students, faculty, staff and the community as a whole.

G.                Foster collaboration and cooperation with various organizations as well as administration and academic staff.

H.                To act as a resource to the Student Government Association and the other student organizations in regards to the international student population.

Sec. 3    Membership

A.    General Membership:

a.       Any member of the Saint Louis University Community can be an active member of The Global Initiatives Club

b.      An active member shall encompass:

a)        a dues paying member

b)        attend meetings consistently and help benefit the organization

c)        Hold access to voting rights.

B.     A quorum shall be established by the attendance of at least ½ (half) of the active       members and shall be necessary to accomplish any transaction or election.

C.    There shall be a due of $10 (ten) per academic year to be recognized as an active   member of ISG. 

D.    Responsibilities:

a.       Prepare the members to become a global citizen.

b.      Provide workshops and out-of-class experiences that expose students to global concepts and issues.

c.       Communicate with different department and organizations on campus efficiently to promote an inclusive environment for everybody

E.     Authority

a.       The Global Initiatives Club is a student organization chartered by the Student Government Association of Saint Louis University.

b.      The Global Initiatives Club will derive its authority from all active members of the organization, and is subject to the limitations of this constitution.


Sec. 4    Executive Board Responsibilities and Offices:

A.    Executive board and CSO advisor responsibilities:

a.       The membership of the Executive Board shall consist of nine officers(President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Programming Chair, Membership and Development Chair, External Public Relation Chair, Internal Relation Chair, webmaster), and CSO Advisor.

b.      The Advisor will collaborate with the student officers and will have discretion to amend, create or remove any decisions or officers, as they deem necessary.

c.       The student executives and the TGIC adviser are responsible for pairing up of the international-domestic buddies based on the members’ interests.

d.      The Executive board must ensure that the club is running smoothly and that all the members are taking initiative. It is also the responsibility of the Executive Board to resolve any problems that may arise between the Buddies.

e.       Each member of the Executive board shall have one vote.

f.       The Executive board shall meet at least once a week in a time and place to be specified.

B.     Executive Board Positions and Responsibilities:

a.       President:

a)        Serve a year-long term.

b)        In consultation with the Executive Board prepare an agenda for each meeting and ensure that the agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting are made available to all the members.

c)        Shall give an oral report at general membership meetings.

d)       Shall attend all general membership meetings, with exceptions being approved by the Officers.

e)        Serve as the primary representative of the TGIC to the campus and the community at large.

f)         Provide representation for the CSO at meetings of, including SGA and Budget and Finance Committee Meetings.

g)        Bear ultimate responsibility for the integrity and efficiency of its members.

h)        To remove any chair or assistant he or she appointed with the majority approval of the Executive Board and TGIC advisor.

i)          Maintain a relationship with the Vice President of International Affairs in SGA.

b.      Vice president:

a)        To assist the President in the fulfillment of all of his or her tasks.

b)        To assume all of the President's responsibilities under this document in the event of his or her absence, dismissal or resignation until either the return or the office is filled.

c)        To coordinate the activities through the Executive Board of the TGIC

d)       To call meetings of the TGIC Executive Board.

e)        Schedule a meeting with the Office of International Services at least once a month.

c.       Secretary:

a)        Take and prepare an accurate type written copy of minutes of all meetings held. Minutes will be emailed as an attachment to all members. 

b)        Keep a written record of the members present at all meetings, including Officer Meetings.

c)        Keep an updated address log of the membership

d)       Serve as official correspondent for TGIC at all times, keeping track of incoming mail and report the information received to Executive Board. 

e)        Assume delegated duties that President may assign. Attend all executive board and general assembly meetings.

f)         All absences shall be notified to the President two days prior to meeting.

d.       Treasure:

a)        Maintain a written or typed account of all financial transactions;

b)        Maintain all current fiscal year receipts.

c)        Collect membership dues from prospective members.

d)       Prepare and present periodic budget reports for the benefit of the membership.

e)        Shall keep the amount and type of expenditures and approve adjustments to the budget.  Budget allocations shall be kept public record.

f)         Be responsible for convening with current President, previous President and previous Treasurer in order to prepare annual budget.

g)        Make a presentation on behalf of TGIC at the annual Student Government Association Budget Allocation Meetings.

h)        Attend all officer and general membership meetings.

i)          All absences shall be notified to the President two days prior to meeting.

e.       Programming Chair:

a)        Take care of gathering information for the preparation of events that TGIC would like to organize for the active members and Saint Louis University Student Body. 

b)        Plan social events for TGIC members to participate and interact in.

c)        Prepare and send out “Thank-You” cards to all speakers, sponsors, and other people who have benefited TGIC.

d)       Work in collaboration with other chairpersons to keep an updated calendar of events and report all this information to the Executive board and General Assembly.

e)        Collaborate with the Treasurer for all activities

f)         To assume delegated duties that President may assign.

g)        All absences shall be notified to the President two days prior to meeting.

f.       membership and development Chairperson:

a)        Plan all internal events for the purpose of the unification of all members.

b)        Work hand in hand with Vice President to publicize recruitment.        

c)        Work in collaboration with the Programming Chair

d)       Be the representative for incoming members and keep them informed and aware of upcoming events.

e)        Shall coordinate retreats workshops and orientation sessions. 

f)         To assume delegated duties that President may assign.

g)        Attend all officer and general membership meetings.

h)        All absences shall be notified to the President two days prior to meeting.

g.      External Public Relation and Internal Relation Chair

a)        Prepare and submit any approved advertising to be distributed to the Saint Louis University Community and surroundings.

b)        Collaborate with the Programming chairperson in planning events.

c)        Check and send TGIC emails, mail and voicemail regarding events and advertising on a daily basis.

d)       Work in collaboration with the all chairpersons to prepare event posters

e)        Work in collaboration with other chairpersons to keep an updated calendar of events. Report all this information to the Web Master, Executive board and General Assembly. 

f)         Internal Relation Chair will focus on collaboration within the campus whereas External Public Relation Chair will focus on collaboration with other colleges within the Saint Louis Area and across the country.

h.      Webmaster:

a)        In charge of TGIC face book page, update information and events weekly.

b)        In charge of writing an internal gmail blog of TGIC

Sec. 5.  Faculty/Staff Advisor:

A.      The duties and obligations of the Faculty/Staff advisor shall encompass:

a)        Be responsible for being informed of ISG events and activities.

b)        Shall attend the first officer/committee chair meeting when available.

c)        Shall advice and council when necessary.

d)       Shall endorse authorized documents when required.

e)        The Faculty/Staff Advisor shall have no vote.

B.       Preference for a Faculty/Staff Advisor shall be given to a university Faculty/Staff member, who supports the interest and ideas of TGIC

Article II. Chronology of Meetings

A.    Meetings shall follow this order:

a)        The Secretary shall keep a written record of the members present.

b)        Minutes of the previous meeting shall be approved by the membership.

c)        Invited guests and speakers shall address the membership during Open Forum.

d)       The treasurer shall present a budget report at first meeting of each month.

e)        The President shall address the old business, which means any unfinished projects.

f)         The President shall address any new business.

B.     Items that have to included or addressed in the meeting:

a)        Minimal 1 dinner between partners to learn about US or other national dinner etiquette per semester

b)        Minimal 3 outings together per semester

c)        1 final 15 minutes project between international-domestic buddies to present a unique point of a different culture other than U.S.A.

d)       host family program between International students/faculties or American students/faculties

Article III.  Election Procedures for all Executive Board Officers

Sec. 1  Election Eligibility

A.      Candidates for office shall be self-nominated or nominated by fellow members.

B.       All persons running for an official position for TGIC must have been an active due paying member for minimum of one semester

a)        President and Vice President

                                                i.              A person running for the office of President or Vice President of TGIC must have previously served one full semester on the Executive Board

                                              ii.              If no candidate meets these criteria, any member of TGIC may run for the offices of President or Vice President. 

b)        All other officers:

                                                i.              All active members will be eligible for candidacy.

C.   Any vacancies of elected positions shall be filled by a vote of the membership.

Sec. 2. Candidate Application

A.    Candidates may apply for only one office

B.     The application packet shall be composed by the Executive Board and must be comprised of the following

a)        Officer positions and duties/requirements

b)        Campaign rules

c)        Biographical information

C.     Any falsified information within a candidate’s registration forms shall be grounds for disqualification as determined by the Executive Board

Sec. 3. Elections

A.    Elections shall be held the last meeting before the Spring break.

B.     Term shall be one (1) year.

Sec. 4.Voting Eligibility

All active members are eligible to vote provided that they are registered Saint Louis University Students

Sec. 5  Ballot Counting

A.      All E-board members must be present

B.       At least 2/3 of all active members must be present.

C.       Counting must take place at ONE central location

D.      Ballots must be counted at least twice to ensure accurate results

Sec. 6 Grievances

A.     All Grievances shall be submitted to the Executive Board in writing within twenty four (24) hours of the alleged occurrence

B.     No grievances shall be accepted by the Executive Board beyond twenty-four (24) hours after the posting of the results

Article IV.  Removal of Officers or Committee Chairs

Sec. 1  Removal

A.      In all situations, any person in an elected position threatened with probation and/or removal shall have an opportunity to present his/her defense to the general membership.

B.       Grounds for probation or removal include:

a)        Abuse of office or privileges.

b)        More than two unexcused absences per semester.

c)        Failure to carry out duties and obligations.

d)       Failure to adequately resolve conflicts of interest.

C.       Probation

a)         Probation shall be the removal from voting membership. 

b)        The length of probation shall be voted upon by the Executive Board

D.      Removal of a person in an elected position shall be accomplished by:

a)        Proposition by any member and a second to that proposal and a vote of removal by 3/4 of the quorum

Article V. TGIC Constitution Amendments

A.    Amendments to the Constitution shall be accomplished by: Proposition by any voting member with a second, and a vote of amendment by ¾ (three fourths) of a quorum.